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Whether you’re looking for a gift for your favorite college neophyte or a sorority member with over 50 years experience, everyone could use some elevated Divine 9 sorority para. They may have a drawer full of old, baggy t-shirts, but LNO Greek takes it up a notch with stylish Greek apparel that fits any age, body type, or personality.

Divine 9 Sorority Gift Options

      Shirts and t-shirts

Our shirts rebel against the one-size-fits-all Greek t-shirt of yesterday. They come in different lengths and fits to work with any body type. Whether you want something that hugs your curves or gives you plenty of room to move, we have stylish t-shirts that fit all body types. They can be dressed down for a casual look or dressed up for simple elegance.

      Tops and tunics

Looking for more than a  t-shirt? We have you covered. From tunics to longline tops, we have a full range of choices for repping from the yard to the board room. Whether your favorite soror’s chosen style is casual, preppy, funky, or glam, we have a greek apparel for her.

      DST Accessories

No outfit is complete without the accessory. Give your favorite neophyte gift that she can use to jazz up any fit.
When I design clothing for LNO Greek, my top priority is making sure everyone feels beautiful and confident when they wear it. You shouldn’t have to have a certain body type to look good in any of LNO’s Greek apparel. Rather, I create clothing in a full range of shapes, sizes and cuts to fit all different body types. Your body is beautiful. We’re here to help you showcase it.

“People will stare. Make it worth their while.”

You’re worth noticing, and so is your sororities legacy. That’s why I feel so strongly about elevating the boring greek t-shirts that has been our only option for far too long. LNO Greek helps you make a big, bold statement about your own personal style while showing your love for your sorority. Whether it’s a classy Greek letter blouse or a sassy crop top, we help you show off your unique greek style in unforgettable ways.

“Find things that suit you. This is how you look extraordinary.”

LNO Greek is powered by the idea that there’s no one way to do fashion. It’s a complete departure from the one-size-fits-all Greekwear of yesterday. LNO Greek gives women options. Don’t look great in a big, baggy t-shirt? Go for our feminine and fitted Ladies  Shirt. Want something a little more chic and sophisticated? Try our tunics and flowy blouses. With more to choose from, you can find exactly what suits you.

“I make clothes, women make fashion.”

The most important thing about my clothing is the women who wear it. All of our Divine 9 sorority apparel is made with the highest quality materials so it looks great, feels great on your body, and is built to last. Whether you’re at a community rally, getting your hands dirty at a local service project, organizing the potluck for a sorority reunion, or sharing your ideas at your next chapter meeting, you’re the main attraction.

Our Greek apparel will help you feel confident, comfortable, and beautiful. That’s one less thing to worry about so that you can focus on changing the world.

Delta Sorority - Meet LNO Greek's Founder

The Owner Arndreya Price

The drive towards stylish, versatile, quality paraphernalia began when I crossed the burning sandz in 2006. I’d waited for this moment most of my life and I was beyond elated! But my line had to wear BIG oversized sized men’s t-shirts that had no shape. As a collegiate neophyte I proudly repped that paraphernalia. However, that line t-shirt didn’t allow me to showcase my personality and style. My experience is not unique to me; others have had similar difficulty having to settle for subpar paraphernalia.

Arndreya Price

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