9 Items Every Sorority Sister Needs in Her Closet

9 Items Every Sorority Sister Needs in Her Closet

Let’s be real. A never-ending closet is a dream. But on our way to get there, the best thing we can do is have a solid foundation of staples. Every sorority sister should have these nine items. If you don’t have something on this list, you might want to schedule yourself a little shopping spree.

Professional wear.

Before you even cross lines, you will need to have a professional outfit for your rush interview. While you can find a wide variety of business wear out there, you’re going to want these staples in your closet:

  • A black blazer
  • A white button-down shirt
  • A black pencil skirt
  • Skin-toned stockings

Combining all of these creates a simple and traditional professional look. Don’t be afraid to invest in high-quality professional wear since you will use it regularly in your life as a soror. You will probably come across some pantsuit options, but still make sure you have a traditional skirt suit at your beck and call. You will use your professional wear for a lot of different events.

Some shoe staples.

Depending on the type of event you’ll be doing, you’ll need a few different shoes in your rotation.

  • You will want to invest in some kitten heels. These will be part of your professional wardrobe, and you’ll wear them regularly.
  • You will also want a pair of nice flats that you can wear with a professional outfit if you are going to be walking a lot.
  • For more casual events, some fun Converse or Nike shoes to match your colors can make you feel like you are a Delta head-to-toe.

A little black dress.

The classic “LBD” is so versatile. Every closet should have one. LBDs can be dressed up with heels and bling for a more formal affair or dressed down with tennis shoes for a simple yet chic vibe.

A classic sorority shirt.

When you go to casual events where you want to represent your colors, classic sorority shirts are your best bet. Don’t settle for the ill-fitting, boxy sorority shirts of yesterday. Check out items like these vibrant DST shirts that rock your figure and make a bold statement. Your sorority shirt should make you feel beautiful and connected to your sisterhood while still showing off your personality.

Sorority outerwear.

Along with your line, you will design a line jacket. You can wear your letters proudly wherever you need to represent your sorority. For occasions when you might not want to take your line jacket but would like to layer up, a sweatshirt or other sorority jacket with your Greek letters emblazoned across the chest is a great choice.


Whether you rock a pair of distressed wide-leg jeans or a denim mini skirt, a solid piece of denim will be a regular in your wardrobe. It pairs well with a wide variety of sorority paraphernalia on top.

Statement jewelry.

The beauty of statement jewelry is that it can take any outfit from basic to superb in five seconds. A pair of oversized earrings, loud hair accessories, chunky necklaces, an armful of bangles, bracelets, and rings can add some personality and flair to your wardrobe.

A stocked makeup bag.

You might keep your makeup in a vanity instead of the closet, but you get the drift. You will want to be able to do a basic face at a minimum. You will also be going to some more formal events, so expanding your makeup repertoire to include more fancy eyeliner work or some bolder lips would not hurt.

A go-to dress.

Find a dress that flatters you. Find a color you love, a fit that makes you feel sexy, and invest. You will want a no-stress outfit where you don’t have to be tugging or pulling at different hems to make it look right. This will be the perfect outfit for drinks out with the girls, a nice luncheon, or an event with a dress code that is a little more dressy than businesswear. When you look good, you feel good and you can have a good time.

A good tailor may not be something you keep in your closet, but it’s nice to have one in your back pocket. Finding clothes that fit perfectly off the rack is a challenge for most women. Don’t throw shade at getting items tailored to fit you exactly how they should. You are investing in pieces that should last a long time; you will want them to be the best-fitting pieces you have.

If you can build up your wardrobe foundation to include these items, you will be ready to rock sorority life.


A versatile, extensive wardrobe is a dream for many, particularly sorority members. Building this dream starts with securing key wardrobe staples. Essential items include professional wear, versatile shoes, the classic little black dress, tailored sorority shirts, cozy outerwear, versatile denim, statement jewelry, a stocked makeup bag, and a reliable go-to dress. Missing any? Consider this your cue for a rewarding shopping spree to complete your essential sorority wardrobe collection.

9 Sorority Sister’s Cloet Essentials


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